Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

This has been a wonderful, busy year! I haven't posted as much as I would have liked to, but will strive to find the time in 2010. We have some fun things planned for the coming year and I am looking forward to watching my children learn and grow. Here are some pictures from the last couple of months to catch you up!

Christmas tree hunting.

Our Christmas tree!

Topping the tree.

Building gingerbread houses with her friend Joshua.

Hard at work...

Playmates are fun:)

Not really sure what they are looking for:)

Abbie dressed for her Christmas program at school.

"Marlo...your shoe fell off!!"

Pre-school, Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st grade at Hosanna Christian School.

My little lamb.

Abbie and Ethan with Grandma and Grandpa Rosales.

Ethan on Christmas Eve.Abbie on Christmas Eve.

Ethan and Santa.

Abbie looking into Santa's eyes....she could tell they were the eyes of Grandpa Rusty.

Ethan with Grandma Lucinda.

Christmas Morning at home!

Abbie with Rudolph at the zoo lights.

Ethan at the zoo lights.

Just starting to snow.

A little more...

Yeah! We got 3-4 inches!
Our house with snow:)
My two babies...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

9 Months

Ethan's 9 month appointment went great. He weighed in at 22.5 pounds and was 31.5 inches long! We have a big boy on our hands...and a handsome one at that:) Also....he is walking!! Yea Ethan!

Christmas Pictures

Monday, November 16, 2009


This Halloween was spent much like the Halloweens of the last few years--dressing up and visiting family and friends, and then heading to church for the harvest party. Abigail dressed as Sleeping Beauty and Ethan wore the skunk costume Abbie wore a couple years ago. They had a great time and were very cute.

Ethan's First Haircut

We were going to wait till Halloween to cut Ethan's hair, because we thought he would make a good Elvis:) But since he kept getting mistaken for a girl, we decided we couldn't wait. I love the hair cut, but I do miss the curls:)

Happy boy...pre-haircut!
The first cut!
Almost done!!
Sooo cute:) What a little man!