Monday, October 15, 2007

Mt. Hood

We went up to Mt. Hood this weekend to find snow! We found a little bit and Abigail enjoyed throwing the snowballs mommy made for her.
We stopped at a really neat park in Sandy. Here is a shot of Abigail on the swing...her very favorite thing to do at a park!
Mom and Abigail next to the "little bit of snow" we found:)
Making snowballs.
A good family shot.
Abigail getting ready to throw the snow at daddy:)

Lost and Found!

Wow! I recently came across a lot of pictures I had forgotten about that I wanted to share. Some are old and some are not so old. Hope you enjoy!
Abbie, mommy, grandpa, and great-grandpa on a hike!
Abbie, mommy and daddy in Hawaii this summer.
Daddy with Abbie at Planet Hollywood in Hawaii.
Here is one of our trips to the zoo this summer. Abigail loved the close up view of the birds!
I love this one of Abigail. Notice the big scrape next to her eye...she fell while camping:(

Lost and Found cont.

This is a picture of Abbie and Madison camping this summer. Abigail loves her friend Madison so much! It's neat to see them play together, as Madison's mommy is one of my oldest friends.
Here is Abigail and Grandma playing in the sink. She started with her clothes on and just her feet in the water and ended up like this:)
I love this picture of Abigail and Daddy at his 30th birthday party in March!
Grandpa gives Abbie everything she wants...I don't think she liked the pepper after she tried it though!
Here is beautiful Abigail and Katie in July. Katie is Abigail's cousin.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Abbie and Friends

Abigail hanging out with her kitty and stuffed animals.

Abbie reading to the kitty.

Pumpkin Festival

This weekend we went to the Pumpkin Festival at Pomeroy Farm. Abigail got to see lots of farm animals and pumpkins. It was a great day!
Abbie and daddy feeding the chickens.

Abigail at the start of the pumpkin maze.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Ducks and the Park

A few weeks ago we found a neat pond filled with ducks while on a walk. Today we decided to take the ducks some lunch. Abbie LOVES ducks and could sit and quack at them all day:)
Feeding the ducks bread.

Abbie enjoying herself at the park by our house.
Mom and Abbie on the teeter-totter!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


It has been so rainy all week...Abigail has been stuck playing inside. Here are some pictures of the little lady this week.

Abbie loves to help mommy clean!

Abigail loves to draw and color:)