Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I Brake for Stray Cows!

You know you are back in the country when you have to brake for stray cows running down the road towards your car! That's just what happened to mommy and Abbie last week. That's right, we have moved to Battle Ground. It was a really good move for us...we are just a little bummed about the longer drive:) With all of the moving though, I haven't had time to take my usual gaggle of pictures. Here are just a couple of Abigail during the big move. And to top it off, we just got back from a fabulous 4 day camping trip and mommy forgot the camera!!! So you will just have to imagine how great of a time we had and how cute Abigail looked.
Abigail helping:)
Sooo tired after a week of packing and moving!