Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Abbie Update

I haven't been able to find the camera for weeks now, so I still don't have any photo updates of the little princess. But rest assured, Abbie is growing and learning so much. It is amazing how she is able to speak more clearly everyday. She is really developing a sense of humor and makes her own little "jokes". A few days ago, she was joking with her papa about the giant cat Chica really being a dog.

Abbie is what I like to say, a woman. She LOVES "pretty dresses" and wants to wear one everyday. She has a couple of favorites that I am constantly washing because she hunts for them! She has a set of princess high heels that she wears around the house and pretty much everywhere we go. She loves to have her hair done and requests "pretty hair bands". She always has her toe nails and finger nails painted and has even tired to get into mommy's make-up (but that's a no-no). However, I must say that even though she is very girly, she has a tough side as well. She loves to play soccer with daddy and wrestle with her papa and uncle Levi. Daddy can't wait till she is old enough to go out fishing on the boat!

Abbie has an amazing love for animals and manages to find them everywhere we go. She loves to sing and dance and can really carry a tune! She also loves to color and draw...she has discovered markers and they are always her first choice.

One of our most cherished times with Abbie is bedtime. We get to snuggle with her and talk about her day...it is a fun time for all of us.
Here is how tonight's conversation went:
(There is a quilt hanging above Abbie's bed that has a variety of bugs on it)
Abbie: "Grasshopper" pointing at the quilt, "Grasshopper plays in the water"
Daddy: "No, the grasshopper jumps on the ground"
Abbie: "Oh, like the bunny goes hop, hop, hop"
Daddy: "Right, good job"
Abbie: "And the kangaroo goes hop, hop, hop"
Daddy: "Right! Good job Abbie!"
Abbie: "Yup! The grasshopper, the bunny, the kangaroo...hop, hop, hop"

We are leaving Thursday for the all church camp-out. It will be a lot of fun and Abbie is excited, as she had so much fun camping last month. I'm hoping I will be able to find the camera by then!

Friday, August 8, 2008

I'm not an eagle...

Last night, Andy and I were driving and Abbie was in her car seat pointing out the things she was seeing. When she spotted an airplane high in the sky, I said "wow, you have eagle eyes". Abbie quickly responded, "I'm not an eagle, I'm Abbie!" Andy and I couldn't stop laughing!