Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Camping Fun!

Abbie and mommy went camping last week with papa and pa-ma (Abbie's new name for my mom). Abbie had soooo much fun...this is her third summer camping and she enjoyed it more than ever! Abbie's days were filled with playing in the dirt and sand, looking for birds and chipmunks...and feeding them peanuts, and visiting lots of neat places in and around Newport, OR. Abbie really discovered bird watching...when she heard a bird she would stop and put her hand to her ear and say, "Did you hear that?". It was super cute! She could spot birds from far away and could distinguish the Crows from Blue Jays... of course she was always on the lookout for her favorite bird the Eagle, but we didn't see any.
Abbie at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Abbie was running from exhibit to excited to see all the animals. Here she is looking at a fish swimming under her!
Not a great picture of me, but one where we are both looking and smiling for once:)
On the beach...
Looking in the tide-pools for crabs, starfish and other neat things!
Look!! A starfish!
Playing at the campsite.
In the tent with her toys.
Abbie and papa at the aquarium.
I think this is the last summer Abbie will be able to take her baths in the wash-tub.
Checking out the Puffins.

Abbie's Birthday Weekend

Abbie had a party Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! She had a full weekend of celebrating her 2nd birthday. Here are some pictures from the busy weekend.
Abbie showing off her new princess dress-up high heels. She got 6 different pairs and, like a true girl, she was in heaven:)
Abbie with her butterfly cake on Saturday.
On Sunday, Abbie was able to celebrate with her two cousins, Hayden and Ruby. They also have birthdays in July...Hayden turned 6 and Ruby turned 1. It was so fun to combine the birthday parties. Here are Hayden and Ruby playing outside.
Here's Hayden and Abbie...I tried to get all 3 birthday girls together, but it wasn't happening.
Abbie's birthday cake for her Sunday party.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Abigail turns 2!!

Abigail's birthday was yesterday and she had lots of fun. She went to lunch with mommy and daddy, had grandma and grandpa over for pizza and play time and got to open presents! Her big party is on Sunday!
Abigail is stylin in her purple Cinderella shades!
This is not a good picture of me, but Abigail looks perfect:)
Grandma and mommy made Abigail a butterfly cake, but she didn't get to eat it last night. It is for Saturday afternoon when grandma and grandpa Rosales and aunt Sarah and uncle Alex come over.
Although she did manage to pick a few candies off:)