Sunday, March 30, 2008


We had a great Easter Sunday. Abigail was so excited when she woke up and heard the Easter Bunny had come. She could hardly contain herself:)
Abigail digging through her Easter basket.
Kitty is checking it out too.
Playing with the Mrs. Potato Head that was in her basket.
Later in the day at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
In her pretty Easter dress.
Digging into the cake!
Being silly with Uncle Alex.

Abbie and Grandma Lupe.

Earlier in the week...getting excited for Easter.
Abigail in the fort she built in the kitchen...
At the park this weekend.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Hunting for Treasure

Every Monday, mommy and Abbie go to great grandma and grandpa's house for lunch and a visit. Today, Abbie had fun hunting for treasure in their front yard. She picked out all of these pretty rocks herself!

Her pile keeps getting bigger.

Birthday Parties

Abigail attended 3 birthday parties last week. She was kept very busy visiting family and friends and eating lots of cake:)
Abbie with her friend Hailey at Hailey's 1st birthday party!
Abbie enjoying Hailey's new toy.
Hailey and her mommy(who has #2 on the way).
Abbie, Becky, and Great Grandpa Ernie at his 83rd birthday party!
Abbie enjoying her time with her cousin Ruby.

Painted Lady

Abigail decided she wanted her toe nails painted. She got into the bathroom drawer and brought me the bag of nail polish. She sat down patiently on the little table in my bedroom and considered each color as I brought it out of the bag. She finally decided on the shade she wanted…pale pink. She looked intently as I painted each little toe nail and was so pleased when I was finished. For those of you who know Abigail well, I’m sure your finding this hard to believe as Abigail is the most active little thing you will ever see. But it’s true! And what’s even more amazing, after her toes were done she picked out a new shade for her fingers! However, I was only able to finish one hand before we had a spill…nail polish all over Abigail, mommy and the carpet! Now…does anyone know how to get nail polish out of carpet and clothes???

Monday, March 3, 2008

Amazing Abbie!

I’ve known since she was born that I was been blessed with an amazing child, but recently I have been in awe of the little person Abigail is becoming. Andy and I are trying our bests to be consistent with our little girl, hoping of course to raise a “perfect angel”! But we often find ourselves looking at each other and laughing at some of the things Abbie does.

Abigail seems to wake up every morning with a bigger vocabulary. I keep telling people it won’t be long before she’s talking, but in reality she already is. I can completely understand what she says to me (most of the time) and I’m sure she knows what I’m saying to her. Just last night I was trying to get her ready for bed, and like always she wanted to keep playing. I asked her to get in her pajamas and she told me “No (her favorite word), I want my kitty.” I couldn’t believe it as I counted the words in my head…she just made a five word sentence!

Abigail is a strong and independent child. She is so courageous and doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything...which makes me really afraid! She loves to climb on furniture, the jungle gym at the park, and just about anything she manages to get her feet on. She is also loving and compassionate and has a heart for other children and animals. One of her favorite books is Dumbo. During the story, two boys are teasing Dumbo because of his big ears…and every time we read it, Abigail gets a sad look on her face and firmly scolds the boys for teasing Dumbo. It is so funny…and sweet!

Abigail is still nursing. Yes, I just said what you think I said…she is still nursing. I know it’s time to cut her off, but I keep telling myself it’s good for her, so it’s ok. But really, I just can’t say no to her sweet face. She loves to cuddle up and get “nunnies” as she calls it. And she has figured out that if she puts her hands over her face and “cries”, she can get pretty much anything she wants.

Abigail has also become very possessive of her mommy and daddy. If Andy and I are hugging or cuddling on the couch, Abigail gets upset and has to get in the middle of us and get “loves” too. It’s really very funny. We were at the store last week and a woman was fitting Andy for a tux. Abigail ran across the room to her daddy and made it very clear that this woman was not to be touching him.

Abigail is just so amazing and I am truly thankful for every single day I get to be with her. She is becoming a little lady and I can’t wait to see all the things she will do! Here are some pictures from the last few weeks. Enjoy!

Abigail with her friends at the Olive Garden...they are so good to her.

Abigail and her cousin Ruby with Great Grandpa Walt at his 74th birthday party.
Abbie with mommy and Ruby

Abigail with her Great Aunt Christy.

Abigail posing for the camera:)
Yet another trip to the zoo...
Abigail signing bear.

A windy day at the park.
She can do it all by herself!
Abigail loves the slide!

Mommy and Abbie going down the slide together.

An afternoon at home.
Abigail showing off her boo-boo. She cut her finger somehow and "favored" it for the next few days...asking everyone she came across to kiss her boo-boo. In this picture she had asked for a band-aid on another finger as well.
Poor finger:)